A compilation of advanced façade, solid state lighting, and lighting control requirements informed every aspect of ALUCOBOND media® ’s design. The result is an efficient and aesthetically pleasing system that facilitates ease of installation, maintenance, and upkeep.

Using the existing substructure and a singular plug ‘n’ play cable, ALUCOBOND media® is easily combinable with common ALUCOBOND® facades. 

The product features rear ventilation, as well as carefully configured façade and control components, for modularity; each panel and LED string is individually detachable for maintenance.

Minimal upkeep is required, as ALUCOBOND media® is manufactured to resist dirt and water streaking.


ALUCOBOND media® is available in a wide spectrum of colors and surfaces, spanning from an anodized look to a zebrano wood design.

Full color options are available on: www.alucobond.com/


1125 x 1500mm (62.5mm pitch)   1125 x 3000mm (125mm pitch)
750 x 1500mm (62.5mm pitch)   750 x 3000mm (125mm pitch)

The product height can be varied by multiples of the pitch, up to 1125mm.

Indoor or Outdoor

Light-weight, flat, slim-profile ALUCOBOND media® has a non-porous surface and is equipped with advanced heat dissipation core material, rendering it suitable for any indoor or outdoor application.


ALUCOBOND media® can turn a façade into a screen that replays exhilarating cultural, political, and entertainment moments.

Large or Small-Scale

A versatile and scalable product promising ease of installation, maintenance, and care, ALBUCOND media® can wrap entire stadiums or simply highlight a vestibule.


The next generation in elegant, industrial art, ALUCOBOND media® is available in numerous color palettes to suit any aesthetic vision.


A revolution in modern expression, ALUCOBOND media® can transform a façade into a communication outlet and a revenue-generating tool.