ALUCOBOND media® is a revolution in modern expression. Sleek architectural panels infused with LED light turn static facades into dynamic statements.

In the urban landscape, ALUCOBOND media® brings facades to center stage and delivers a stunning and compelling performance.

Featuring extensive color and surface versatility, the vibrant ALUCOBOND media® is suitable for any conceivable facade application; it simultaneously protects and enchants, while maintaining the integrity of the original architectural design.

Pairing Traxon’s LED technology with high-grade ALUCOBOND® panels, this product is a hallmark of endurance, efficiency, and functionality.

Design Innovation

Create an elegant display of graphics, text, and animations, with effervescent light and command attention in the urban landscape.

Architectural Interest & Integrity

Enjoy an instant and seamless transition between the modern, dynamic display and the traditional unaltered facade.

Advanced Materials

Extend façade longevity with the extremely durable, lighweight, sustainable ALUCOBOND® material, which is energy efficient and completely recyclable.

Flexible Application

Use this modern building material to transform indoor and outdoor facades of any scale, from stairwells to stadiums, into works of art.

Simple Maintenance & Upkeep

Dismount individual panels and LED strings to maintain this streak-resistant material.

LED Technology

Control individual nodes for precise output of media, on an integrated and replaceable, first class IP67-rated LED system from a global leader in LED technology.